About Molly

Molly McFadden is a dedicated mom of two wonderful girls and proud resident of the Fredericksburg area. Both children are enrolled in FCPS, one attending Walker Grant Middle School as an eighth grader and the other as a kindergartener at Lafayette Elementary. With a deep-rooted connection to the community, Molly is passionate about education, creativity, and holistic child development. 

Having grown up in Fredericksburg, Molly possesses a unique understanding of the local community and its educational landscape. She has witnessed firsthand the strengths and challenges within the area's schools, and this personal experience fuels her drive to positively impact the education system by creating an environment that cultivates student success.

In the past few years Molly has been actively participating in the FCPS Mission and Vision working group, Superintendent Community Roundtable, and parent advisory boards. In the past, Molly has volunteered in the classrooms and served as the president of the Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool’s Board of Executive Directors. 

With a background in the arts and design, Molly brings a fresh perspective. Guided by design thinking principles, Molly embraces innovation, collaboration, and empathy to address educational challenges. She seeks to create engaging learning experiences that inspire students to think critically, collaborate, and apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, all while upholding the values of the Fredericksburg community. She wants to make education accessible for all families within our diverse community.

Molly recognizes the vital role that effective communication plays in fostering meaningful connections. Her strong communication skills and active listening approach enable her to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ensure their voices are heard. She values active listening as a fundamental skill in understanding the needs and concerns of others, be it students, parents, or educators.


Believing in the importance of addressing the whole child, Molly understands that educational success goes beyond academics. Drawing on her own experiences as the daughter of a mental health practitioner and wife of a veteran of the Fredericksburg police department, she recognizes the significance of fostering emotional well-being and physical health and safety. She aims to advocate for a supportive, safe, educational landscape where every student can flourish.

With her deep roots in the Fredericksburg area, passion for education, and commitment to holistic child development, Molly is determined to work with the students, schools, and families to create a lasting positive impact on the local community and improve outcomes for all students.